Creative Sunday #14 – Call it Spring!


Hello Creative Sunday lovers,

Even if the season hadn’t officially started, we organized a Spring edition of the Creative Sunday in early March. This edition took place in Hinterland, a very nice coffee shop in St-Gilles. The cosy atmosphere and the large windows letting the sun coming in (when there was some…) was just perfect to spend the afternoon enjoying a cup of tea while learning how to cook Melo Cakes (do you know those little bowls made of chocolate, biscuits and filled with foam?), to make a day cream and to weave.
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2 Days in Utrecht


Hello travelling DIYers,

As close from Brussels as Amsterdam (see our article about this capital), the small Dutch city of Utrecht is a perfect destination for a weekend. You will wander alongside the canals and enjoy the Nordic inspiration in the shops. The size of the city allows the visitor to take the time to take a coffee and try every place. We arrived on a Saturday morning and left on a Sunday afternoon and we felt like we had seen most of it (not to say everything). That’s ideal to get a change of atmosphere!

Now that you are convinced that Utrecht is your next destination, here are our addresses…

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The Golden Candle Holders


Hey hey DIY lovers,

It’s been a while since the last DIY post here. Marine and I needed a moment off to get inspiration and some time to work on other projects. But we are back now!
This year, we made the decision to make you discover more brands and products we love. So let start the year (better later than never, huh?) with an idea from the Villa Empain [a beautiful art deco house in Brussels] shop. Ok, I didn’t do it all by myself but I bought a kit so I still had to do something. The brand is German and if you are interested, I am sure you can find it online easily.

Curious to see how I did it? Discover the steps below…

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Creative Sunday #13 – Let it Snow…


Ho ho ho Creative Sunday lovers,

A bit before the December craziness, we organized the thirteenth Creative Sunday at The Yogurt Farm, a nice and cozy place in Ixelles. There is wood everywhere and even a big cow hanging from the ceiling. This farm atmosphere was perfect to spend some time learning how to do our hair differently, discovering great recipes for healthy dips and creating a bird garland in origami. Thank you Take Eat Easy for finding this perfect winter place! 
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Creative Sunday #12 – Autumn in Brussels


Hello Creative Sunday lovers,

As the leaves were turning brown, we threw the first Creative Sunday of the season! We gathered at Living Room, a beautiful canteen in the European area. We took advantage of the sunny weather and placed the beauty workshop outside. Inside, participants were either downstairs, in the great kitchen, or upstairs, making bracelets around a table. This was cosy and fun!
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6001 is the new 1060 is here! [contest]


Hello DIYers,

Those of you who read every post we publish (we still hope that some of you read all our posts religiously…) are familiar with 6001 is the new 1060. For the others, this is a show and sale of creators taking place in Charleroi (we were talking about it last year in this post). As usual, we organize a contest to celebrate the coming edition. Do you see this beautiful hanging basket? It could easily be yours! (See below for instructions)
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Customize a Bottle of Sparkling Wine [Gift idea – freebie]


Hey DIYers,

A few weeks ago, our friend Meggan from Fouettmagic was celebrating her upcoming birthday (it’s in 3 months but she wanted to take advantage of the summer this year, who will blame her?). She is almost 30, a perfect excuse to gather friends in her beautiful garden. As Marine wanted to offer a very personal gift, she created a special label to cover the bottle of a good sparkling wine she had bought for the occasion. As always, we wanted to share this with you. (Download the label at the end of this post.)

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